About Me

Driven, passionate and ambitious. These are the three keywords that best describe Formosus. Formosus is a fusion of knowledge, contacts and experiences gained over the years. It offers me the opportunity to grow further in my passion and craftsmanship.

My experience

14 years of own experience in the painting profession, of which 3 years for a renowned painter. This gave me the opportunity to work for renowned international clients and architects. 32 years of experience in the decorative painting world. This incredible knowledge base has been passed down to me from father to son. Together we have implemented, personalized and perfected proven techniques. This daily learning experience has already resulted in many wonderful projects.

4 Pillars


Just as our customers are unique, we also try to be unique in our finish. By looking together for a unique design of the interior through the painting, we can make a house a home, completely tailored to the lifestyle of our customer. This can be done according to traditional applications or exclusive painting. 


At Formosus we consciously opt for sustainable business. This is reflected in the choice of our materials, as well as in the choice of our partners. For sustainable (decorative) painting, we use materials from the immediate vicinity. So it happens that we get a lot of inspiration from our close environment. When the desired technique has been chosen, we are guided primarily by the environment around us when determining the materials we will use.


 You can also contact us for traditional painting. A quick refresh, getting ready for rental, water damage repairs, we do it all. 

To trust 

Trust in the customer and vice versa, trust in the customer. Confidence in our work, getting familiar with the work. Every project, every challenge, however big it may be, we do not shy away from them.